Friday, August 1, 2008

tender today

"I am conscious of the Inner Presence AS my lavish Abundance.  I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of infinite Prosperity.  Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth."     John Randolph Price, and me.

Meditation notes with some elaboration:  no flashing, gorgeous lights this morning: most likely saving-up for a moment to be revealed.  I am intrigued by the process, as one Meditation will be so amazing, and the next will be completely different.  My awareness of acceptance grows with this experience; acceptance relaxes the whole 'judgement' thing.  Flashing lights or fabulous insights are fun, and have no more 'value' than calm, or nothing.

I feel deeply content.  The sounds of the small clock, the rooster crowing, Hummingbirds and Orioles at the feeder, yin/yang dogs curled up on the floor, breathing: All Is Well.

My lavish Abundance desires me!  The constant activity of One Mind of Infinite Prosperity reveals Itself in the brightness of the Oriole flipping down to the birdbath, the enormous potatoes I'm havesting, the sweet peaches I've put into the dryer, the woodpile Wayne is growing.  My mind is filled with the Light of Truth.

Eric Butterworth, in "Spiritual Economics," says, "The starting point in realizing prosperity is to accept responsibility for your own thoughts, thus taking charge of your life.  You are not responsible for what is said in the Wall Street Journal or what comes out of Washington in the form of economic indicatiors, but you are very much responsible for what you think about these things.  You cannot afford to let the so-called experts decide how you are going to think and feel.  For how you think and feel about the economy in general and your financial affairs in particular will unvaryingly determine what you experience.   ...make a commitment to get yourself and keep yourself in the positive stream of life.  Refuse to indulge in casual conversation (should the word be causal?) about the bad economy, etc or about anything you really do not want to say "yes" to.  Eliminate such thoughts as "I can't" "I'm afraid" and "There is not enough" from your consciousness.

Often outside 'stories' have crumbled my ability to stay focused on the Light of Truth.  I have believed in, and taken my information about life from the "effects," and been quite miserable. My Practitioner has wrassled with me over this for many months, and one particular time the idea seeped into the cement in my mind... I am taking information from the wrong place!  I was trying to make brownies with the ingredients for chicken noodle soup!  Using a square peg for a round hole!  Making a whole lotta work for myself!

Who wins when I say, "Yeah, BUT MY reality is the truth for me!!!!"?  Truth sighs in return, "Yes, Laura, you may have that as your reality."  And what is apparent is that my word spoken is 'my truth,' my creation.  Simple choice.  Be impeccable with my word.  Just as easily, more in fact, I declare my truth to be infinite Prosperity, constant unconditional Love, Joy and Fun.  Yes.


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