Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bill of Rights Day, Dec 15

isn't it remarkable to land on Dec 15, 2007
in the last time warp, a dream within which I lost my dog
and found the strenghth to realize that there is no such thing
as lost, and that it wasn't my dog and she was beautiful
waking up under these quilts, resting in the soft light

this day is overcast with a stunning sunrise
flinging pink and orange over leafless trees
cackling in the cold dawn, filling with robins
awakening to mass chirping and definitive song
no coyote conversation for these past two nights

today is my birthday, midwinter just before Christmas
as a child fervent with justice for all
I celebrated that my birthday was Bill of Rights Day
a day to remember individual respect, to honor
the breath of every man, woman, child. I added
to the list calves, cows, horses, dogs, cats, lizards
slugs, weeds, stickers, roses and morning glorys.
brothers and the neighbor boy across the highway
did not have permanent status on my list

the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America
this post could grow unmanagable here, as I grew into young adulthood realizing
that being born female, or a host of other arbitrary characteristics could disqualify
earn your rights, watch your mouth, be nice... and I am blogging down. losing my
train of thought. where does one go with this idea?

circling back to the tall grey trees filled with orange-breasted robins
celebrating a flocking migration, getting drunk on Toyon berries
today I am going to the art supply store, money in hand
brushes and red paint and a pen or two, and I will pile my cart high
with notebooks and sketch books and maybe something to hold
my slides and CDs. a portfolio fresh and professional

and I will google The Bill of Rights
and maybe even believe the words
celebrate and migrate into the possibility
of Oneness for All

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