Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gratitude & Freedom

I can hardly stand how beautiful the artichoke is, regardless of season.  On my morning walk-about I pass them, some fallen over, others completely spent, with shreds of lavender still attached.  Their unabashed wearing of their best purple robes, daily, is inspiring.

My first born used to "twiddle" a strand of hair while she sucked her thumb wrinkled.  Something about this twisted crown made me think of her.  Of that.

I am preparing for a Poetry Reading.  It seems ironic, in that I have not "polished" any poems for over a year.  I have been painting.  Yes.  And helping run an art gallery.  Have been thinking.  Writing daily, sometimes pages, sometimes, just the date:  today is Friday.  My Mom used to look up from her game of solitaire and ask me, "What is today?  Tuesday?"  Perhaps it was a ruse, so that I wouldn't notice her sly moves.

My poetry is mostly about relationship and nature.  Or the nature of relationship.  Or about some guy(a couple of decades ago) that rose like a myth out of a steaming Oregon hot spring, who was nature, but not relationship.

Honey Bees have what seems like a magical relationship to their environment.  They read the landscape, they dance to communicate with one another, they are part of a large community which is, in fact, their home. I heard recently (more NPR education), that the drones are actually females.  Why does this not surprise me?

I love how the Bees love the artichokes.  We share that love.

How Did the Rose?

did the rose
ever open its heart
and give to this world all of its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being,
otherwise we all remain too

This little fuzzy is a mystery.  Who is she?  Looks like a cucumber?  A melon?  Just so cute, at this stage.

Looking up at my sunflower I noticed a whole gaggle of pollinators, including the little native bee.  All busy, all with bright yellow pollen piling up in their leg-bags!

Can you see the light from within?  Looks as though this fig is glowing!  Usually I am not allowed any of the First Figs, as the Orioles, Starlings, Mockingbirds and Woodpeckers all gorge their way through the whole crop in one or two days.  This morning I scored!

Which brings me to the whole point of July 4th:  
The Gratitude List

  1. Thank You God.
  2. Thank You for all that IS today.
  3. Thank You, this Life is full.
  4. Thank You for this garden.
  5. I am grateful for exaltation and exploration.
  6. I am grateful for morning, noon, and yes, the evening.
  7. I am grateful for neighbors, community, and our country.
  8. I am grateful for landscape, tree and blade of grass.
  9. I am grateful for generosity, friendship and love.
  10. I am grateful for figs.

I love you.
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