Friday, June 28, 2013

To Begin

This I know:  to begin again, one must stand in a clear way for something more fresh and authentic than before, right?  Right.

To begin again I see with new eyes.

To begin again I make a cup of coffee, open the window to catch the afternoon breeze.

To begin again I adjust my attitude to include that all day, every day, is a new day.  This is the message of Emerson The Labrador.  Every single day holds a possible trip to the Lake.  Yes it does.

Beginning, by its very nature, is a fresh start, regardless of the timing.  While the kitten has to wait for another 3 mos. before he can go outside, he is not thwarted, discouraged or even affected by a limitation beyond his scope of understanding.

Starting a fresh notebook on a clear, winter day in Sausolito, a writing prompt grows its own line.

My creative expression seems to begin with warm-ups.  Kind of like an easy yoga routine before giving a massage, get my synovial fluid flowing within my own joints before enrolling my clients in their new flexibility.  Sometimes writing, sometimes staring out the window at the morning emerge over the hill, sometimes three cups of morning coffee.

Good to know that the creativity does not go anywhere.  My attention may rest elsewhere, but the essential creative thought remains, quiet in its waiting.

Calling names like procrastination, avoiding, blah-blah is merely moving air.  Has nothing to do with the basic instinct of the creative.

Creative is spiritual practice.  Is noticing the environs within as well as the outer world.  Is interacting within both worlds.

A quote for today, from the Artist's Rule, by Christine Valters Paintner.

Come to the edge, He said.  They said:  we are afraid.
Come to the edge, He said.
They came.  He pushed them, and they flew. . .

                                                                                          Guillaume Apollinaire   

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh my, how time does fly!

Amazing!  How time does fly.

What all has gone on since Feb. 9, 2013?  So very much that there may be no catching up, which brings one to "acceptance" which is different than "liking" or "not liking!"  Acceptance has less opinion and more, well, more presence.

I see that already the ramble has begun.  I will make no attempt to catch-up, since it is all in the past, now, anyways  (I heard that Phew!).

Springtime has been long and drawn-out.  The rain stopped too early, and fire season was upon us until a couple of days ago, when it rained on our camping trip up the river, and here, too for that matter.  The fire season will be back in full swing within the week, as high temperatures and breezes whisk away the humidity.

In celebration, for lunch today I had 4th of July tomatoes in my salad.  Dark red and juicy, they are not at peak summer yummy, but I am not complaining.

We have a new family member.  His name is Panda.  Today was his first trip to the vet, and all was well until The Nurse took his temperature.  That was mean.  And rude.  And I could hear him complain all the way out at the front desk.

Yes.  My two Cutie Pies are making every day a good one, as usual.  That is why they are dogs.  
Dog = God  spelled the other way.  These faces do that to my day.

Yes.  More trips to the coast are in order.  A place of peace and contemplation where luscious energy infuses us.  Oh.  I could go there right this minute.

Yes:  Write.  Read.  Meditate.  Pray.  Write more.  Read more.  Yes.  More more more.


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