Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Begin Again

After everything, I will love you
as if it were always before,
as if after so much waiting,
not seeing you and you not coming,
you were breathing
close to me forever.

Pablo Neruda, from 'Integrations'

This morning I gesso panels.  I love the process of Beginning.  Why didn't I photograph Rebekah and Mary yesterday as they each took a turn at a panel, gesso sticking and spattering and dripping?  I love to watch them.  You know, they came yesterday to help Nonnie (me) clean house, because she (me) doesn't like to do that much (unless I have someone to dance with).  They dusted, "Look!  You can't write my name here anymore!" and swept spiders out of corners with squeals and gusto (my fly-catchers!).  Then they decided that the dogs were dirty too, and needed washing (yes, this is definitely deja vu), SO we went outside and washed dogs.
Rebekah is a Gemini, and I a Gemini Moon, so we collaborate  in a most excellent way.  After all the tasks, and a few creative sandwiches we unwrapped the virgin panels and dug out the Gesso and brushes, put down the canvas drop-cloth and away we painted!

Then I went swimming in the Lake.

Now I pick up my brushes, open the Gesso can, and dip into the thick white stuff.  O Yes!

You were breathing close to me forever!



Gail Jonas said...

A breath of fresh air. I "holed up" yesterday to get three legal projects done and to watch the DNC Convention. Your blog is the perfect antidote to the "pollution" that appears to be part and parcel of the political process.

A wildlife gardener said...

What a beautifully written the poem and its sentiments...quite lyrical :)

Peter said...

beautiful poem, and I like the idea of "creative sandwiches" conjours up so many images


Bimbimbie said...

Sounds like the three of you had a wonderful day together, lovely poem too*!*

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