Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assortment of Wedding Images

What I know today is that I could have that Party go on for months.  No kidding.  I love having all of my kids in one spot, with their spouses, friends, children, laughter, teasing, whining, joking.  Whatever.  I love it.

Groom's Guys, with their now-famous footwear.  Notice:  Thomas has flames.

Count-down to the ceremony:  Skyler being pinned to his boutonniere.  So cute.

Loved the hammer with the German Chocolate Cake.  Yep.  I made that.

I didn't get enough photos of the Bride & Groom, so I have been hijacking them from other's postings.  That must be ok.

Everything  was beautiful.  Even the beer looked magical.

A peek under the table.

All the Groom's Guys in a row, custom-ordered Vans.

A small visitor to remind us of Grandma Mary's presence.

Known to the little brothers as The Sisters... giving a toast that brought us belly-laughs and tears.

This is one of many hilarious shots of this group.  I love them!  Though this whole series, Gina the Bride stayed composed and smiling, while the Tribe carried on as usual.

The Party is over. Newly-weds are in Hawai'i.  Guests and families gone back to their normal(!) lives. The beautiful grounds are back in the hands of the Chickadees, Quail, Owls and other wildlife.  Most likely one can hear the surf.  The fog will roll over the hill and smother Tomales Bay with softness.  It was beautiful.  I feel a little melancholy in gentle waves.  I miss being The Mom, waking them up, driving them all over and back again, feeding them, laughing with them, bossing them, threatening them, putting them to bed and starting all over again.  Of course there were tensions, never enough money, personality crashes and various disasters.  But still, or should I say, AND still; I loved every day.

Life today, now, is good.  Of course there are moments when the past seems so agreeable.  And I am grateful for all of it.  Then, Now, and what's coming.

Really grateful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Preparation Photos

The practice run: had to move the 'maids to the other side, so they didn't sink down the hill.

Bride and Groom with many many many cranes.

Red shoes.  Dirty socks.

Gina the Bride is a shoe-girl.

Gina the Beautiful Bride.  At the Dinner.

Seth, Brother of the Groom.

Skyler the Groom, surrounded by all that Love.

Uncle Bob talks with his hands, so his nieces clean up after him.

Sisters and cousins of the Groom, some doing a minor 'crashing of the Party.

Blogger says "that's all for now," and I will add more later.  Suffice for now to say, it was a colorful, bright, happy day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Weekend Moments Away

While illegal contraband bakes in my oven (A German Chocolate Cake, 3 layers), I am going to take a quick moment here and write you a note.  I am making the German Chocolate cake for the Bride & Groom, as they are creating a table of delicious favorite baked goods to share with their guests, and they asked me to contribute.  At first I howled, No, I caaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn't  and then reconsidered, because, after all, this is their party.  Today is cake-making-day.  Lower caps.  No big deal.

Except... yes, there are always exceptions, and this is one of them.  See here to see my main reason for the no-baking rule: I got my fanny back, and do not want to relinquish it!  BUT, when it all comes down to baking a sweetness for my youngest and his bride, I'm gonna do it.

Good news, as of this moment:  it is cooling on the counter, 3 beautiful layers, next step, they go into the freezer:  to be assembled Friday.

See the 1000 Cranes.  Dev has organized and folded a gillion of these beauties.  She is stringing them, and they will hang in the Circle of Oaks where her little brother is getting married.  Yes.  Amazing.

So, you most likely will not hear from me for a few days.  Haha.  I have gotten v.e.r.y. busy and occupied over the past two months.  Maybe after the Wedding, I will be back at my writing.  Yes.  This is possible.  The sun is out today, promising a beautiful day for Saturday.  My garden winks at me, the Borage and Bees nodding in the warm breeze.  I cannot go out there without a timer to bring me back inside to the job-list, as you see, I have little memory left.  It is highly probable that I would be found wandering down at the River, picking up beautiful, smooth stones and smuggling them into my pocket.

Have a wonderful week.  I love you.
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