Thursday, March 6, 2008


clouds have slid in from the west

now it’s cold and the peach blossoms

look fragile, their pink delicate sweet

this lesson in detachment looms

how did it get into my curriculm?

letting go does not mean less love

rather, a flair for freedom, a whisper

of grace, a child’s delight unfettered

I, so human today, clench my jaw

worry my forehead

who thought that I would lay claim

to The Tao, to God, to Goddess?

most likely any who have known

me, played basketball or Scrabble

with me.  Ha!  She cares rightously

isn’t it so easy?  let sleeping dogs lie

let it go, let it be

No!  no no no no no no no no no

funny how babies learn that word

and know its use on first try

the peach blossoms may blow away

they may be destroyed by this incoming

storm, may not bring one peach to fruition

my joy in their pink remains a gift

acceptance becomes crystalline


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