Friday, March 9, 2012

They Just Think They Got Away

The morning coffee klatch.  Warming up for a day of soaring.  And, of course, finding nasty things upon which to dine.

Did you know that Turkey Vultures are quite talkative?  They are.

Oh this is my current favorite shot.  Love those feet in the morning light.  I could never plan for such a shot, that is for sure.

Here is my Raven friend, busily avoiding me.  I am sure that they know who I am, as they seem to hover about, and fly off as soon as I roll to a stop.  It is entirely too orchestrated to be accidental.  One day I think that I will invest in a tasty sandwich and place it upon the hood of my car and wait for them.  Then, CLICK! I will have my Raven.  Heee hee.  We shall see.

This is a pretty good shot.  Interesting composition.

Next time I will catch him flying the other direction.

On this trip home from The Lake I also saw a Bobcat!  A beautiful, healthy and rather large one loped across the road in front of my car.  I watched it leap out of the grass, and was so stunned I was unable to pick up the camera.  It crossed the road, and as it leaped into the brush, it looked back over its shoulder at me.  I cannot help but feel that these critters know me.  Perhaps one day each will hold still long enough for me to get my shot.  Neither Luna nor Emerson even noticed the cat, being satiated from their swim.

I am fascinated with the big black birds.  Wildlife and animals in general are my favorite subjects, whether to read/research or to follow with my camera.  My paintings are progressing, Our Lady Guadalupe guides me right now into realms I never knew existed.

It is peaceful in these realms.  Colorful, quiet, and soothing.

Love & hugs.
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