Saturday, August 2, 2008

fourth day, Peruvian potatoes, Substance

The Truth about Substance: click on the image for a visual of this Truth...
"Through my consciousness of my Godself, the Crist within, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit.  This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence of God within me IS my supply."   JRPrice + me.

Meditation notes:  not getting it.  Blah blah blah,  Stop, read the words aloud.  Reading the words again, pausing, reading and return to sitting in the roar in my head.  This breath, now.

Image appears:  a soft curve of planet, beautiful.    Becomes a circle, a full planet, like those that form in lava-lamps.  This form is full of sacred hand-prints, palms upward and outward, like sacred fans.

My Godself, the Christ within, the Goddess within; I draw this in with my breath, in TO my physical experience.   This is where I am one with Spirit.

Blahblah, o such persistence!  All the people who have ended their lives here on Earth, are sourced from this same Source.  A wave of grief:  like Don was here; recognition that now he understands.

This substance is my supply: God within me IS my supply.  No one person, place of thing is my supply.  Just this pure and sacred Life.  No intermediary necessary, no pope, or guru, or religion.

From "Spiritual Economics," by E. Butterworth: "Most of us have grown up under the influence of religions that dealt with a Universe of many parts: God and heaven above, Earth and human life beneath, hell and Satun under the Earth.  Perhaps we have been freed from the latter, and we may have come to an "omni" view of the former.  But too often we have failed to get it all together.  This is what religion should be.  The word religion comes from a root word that means "bind together."  Thus the word actually means unity, oneness, wholeness... Unfortunately, religions have been institutions istead of perceptions, something you join rather than a transcendence you experience..."

I am a Saggitarius, with Gemini moon, and Virgo rising.  (Shhhhh, I am going somewhere with this!)  Saggi can be unbearably esoteric, while simultaneously distracted by the party down the street.  Gemini jumps from emotion to idea to what-EVER!  Virgo brings aesthetic, detail, beauty.  I have been advised by an astrologer (a decade ago...) to get myself into Spiritual Practice and Meditation, as this particular combo can be "...genius or insanity..."  Eeek!  So this idea/concept of Spirit within me, you, every-ONE, can be frustrating for me.  It is easy for me to see and experience Spirit within you.  There are some idiots 'out there' which challenge me.  And, of course, there are some idiots within here which challenge me.

Yesterday digging potatoes I discovered these gorgeous purple ones.  They were part of a very busy ecosystem.  I pulled weeds off the top of the soil, and gently tugged on the brown potato vine which revealed the where-abouts of the treasure.  Gently digging further I discovered iridescent, translucent, perfectly round, white eggs glowing in the black earth.  I found bright red centipedes, earthworms, some little white crawly things, roots, slugs, roly polys, and a huge snail.

I am so grateful for this experience of opulent plenty.  Fear melts in the face of this evidence.   Spirit within recognises itself in the beauty of the soil, in the soil community, in the bounty.  I am of this substance, living and breathing me.

Blessed Be.


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