Saturday, February 9, 2013


The sun is sliding down the blue blue sky, coastal mountains seem to be growing to meet it.  Soon, this bright day will move into chilly evening.  Just now I was thinking of returning to the garden, as I have more tomato cages to uproot and clean, but the temperature in the room dropped about 10 degrees.  I looked up to see that the sun is setting!

And, I don't think I'll go back out there!  Hehee!  Took 4 o'clock coffee out to the Tree Trimmer.  Took photos, and drank the coffee.

Back in the olden days, when I was a kid, we had 4 O'Clock Snack every day.  Visitors to our farm said that we had four meals a day.  "No we don't.  4 o'clock snack is a snack." was our stock reply.  Looking back I realize that that snack was probably 1200 calories, since it included milk, cream, pie or cake or cookies, warm and fresh from the oven.  Left-overs from the "snack" were the evening meals' dessert, maybe served with lemon sauce or whipped cream to spruce it up.

Omg.  Well, we were farm kids.  Recently my brother shared that he and Dad had a similar morning "snack" before they left the house for the milk-barn at 5:30 in the morning!  Dang.  Had I known, I might have gotten up earlier.  We, my brothers expecially, burned those calories.

Here are Lucy and Stripe helping with the gardening.  They are stealth-bug-catchers.  Stripe (the brown one) found a cut worm and dashed off with it so as to not have to share.  Lucy gave chase, but in the end, let Stripe have her fat worm.  I wish that they would go after gophers.  I need help in that area.

My friend, Rev. Joyce Duffala, has told me a number of times, "God is in the details."  Once again, she is right.

Every phase of gardening has its timely details.  Not unlike Life, hmmmm.  I procrastinate.  Not really wanting to go out and get dirty, or stickers in my delicate fingers, or bugs in my hair.  Every time though, those details draw me into the tasks, into the golden afternoon light.  Today was no different.  A bed for the greens is prepared.  Most of the tomato cages removed, cleaned and in a row.

I am plotting.  There has to be a way to thwart this colony of gophers which has moved into my sacred gardening area.  This is a detail that I am finding difficult.

Valentine's Day approaches.  This one will be Wayne and I's 31st anniversary.  That, is amazing.  I am not one to go on and on (hahaha!  guess that isn't true!), you know, all mushy & stuff.  I will say, though, we are doing well!  Growing well!

Yes.  I do love you.
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