Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Late afternoon, Confusion Hill Bridge, Hwy 101
Click on the image for a better feel of how high this is.  Argh.  There is a sign, of which I should've taken a photo, along side the highway right about here, that says "Keep your eyes on the road!"  Gawkers can end up in a very big pickle if they follow their instincts to look at the bridge construction.

One day after having been up in Ferndale I was returning home in between rainstorms, and as I made my way past the slide I noticed (recognized?) the toes of some boots sticking out into the road.  Startled, I looked up the legs, past the cute little belly and all the way up to.... Unc Bob!!!!!!  He was standing there discussing heaven knows what, maybe where to dump the next load of debris and rock that the mountain continually sends down in huge landslides. 

So, after a trip up to Larabee and points north, well, way-north, I am starting with these two images.  Later I may regale you with more...


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Bimbimbie said...

I hope it's a big sign for those gawkers ... your eyes would wander off the road and onto this sight*!*

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