Sunday, March 1, 2009

Madonna, Figs and Forgiving

On a simple, practical level, kindness creates a sense of warmth and openness that allows us to communicate much more easily with other people.   His Holiness the Dalai LamaMary and I were looking for pictures of the Madonna and Child for a reference point for my current painting.  Also, it was really boring at the bake sale (for her!).  I keep a couple of copies of Jansen's "Art History" for cutting into collage material.  We did not find any satisfactory images, and none by women artists.  I was annoyed all over again with eons of misrepresentation in the arts.  Here, in my studio, in this time, I, with yet another generation of strong, brilliant (and adorable) child/woman,  sit pouring over ghastly images of the "masters," and loving Mary's comments, "Eewwuuuu..., that one is REALLY GROSS, Nonnie." We decided to go further into my bookshelf, but were cut short by our "time" being "up!"  We also decided that we will be changing this situation, that in a few short months, there will be many more heralded works of art from which to choose... ours!
And, deeper into the woodpile, more figs!  I told Wayne that we may have stewed figs on the menu.  He he he.  Then maybe this little Who would not be so friendly, if the skittery lady were to start snatching the stash.  I remain in awe of the gathering, drying, caching of the crop.  All this time I was thinking that the Starlings were hogging all of the figs!  Not to fret, I too, dried figs in the dehydrator, and they do NOT look this good!  This coming summer, I may just lay them out to dry to perfection in the sun.

Probably, this is a wood rat, or just a rat, though I see no rats around.  Maybe the hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes keep the population in check.  I like the idea of a family of little Who's, long-tailed or not.

Which in a mildly circuitous manner, brings me to topic:  Forgiving.  I am not an authority on this subject, as I have carried my suitcase full of resentment, kernels of revenge and clods of anger all over the place.  "If I forgive, all will be lost.  All proof of criminal actions wasted in a burst of goodwill..."  Well my dear, this is a worn-out attitude.

At The Center for Spiritual Living, we are reading a book this month titled, "The Power of Kindness," by Piero Ferrucci.  Our theme for the month is "Forgiveness."  Such a good place to start, my own front porch!  

And in the continuing saga of writing Morning Pages, it appears that the plug is being pulled. Julia Cameron reminds us that the resentments that accumulate from daily living collect to drown our creative fires.   The storm outside my window crashes through the row of wind chimes on the back porch.  Rain is coming down and the frogs are beginning again to call.  I seem to have completely lost my train of thought, and right there... I forgive, I Love.  

And that's that.


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N2 said...

Love your figs and forgiveness for today, LC! And thanks for your comment. I feel we are having a dialogue, 'tween us and even the world =0).
x0x0 N2
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