Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hafiz will NOT leave me alone!

Can give you as much enlightenment 
In one year...
As "Best Buds" can give in one wet, slurpy Love!  My guest photographer, Ms. Pamieli, did some good work recently!  Luna, woodpile, and Utah!
Yes, we did it!  These smiles have been sent off to "Bark," entered in the Smiling Faces.  Ms. Pamieli said, sit, down, boom!  They did it, and smiled.  Happy.
Luna in the wheelbarrow with beautiful wood behind...Ms. Pamieli is so good with the camera!

And she and Utah, named after a fabulous road trip, have been the best friends to Luna and myself as we learn more and more and more about living with Meat Pie on the Other Side.  Our sadness transforms.  Tears flow with abandon.  Luna has returned to her madcap roughneck ways with her friend Utah.  He is like Wiley Coyote; runs fast, hides, dashes out from behind the woodpile, flings himself under the truck, boings out on the other side.  He tricks her, hides from her and sneaks from behind things and gets a good head-start on her.  He trips her by bopping her with his hind end, a skill I have never seen in a Golden, OR a herding dog.  She, on the other hand, tries to choke him, run him down, tackle him or box him with a straight-arm worthy of a 49er(seriously, they could use her!).

Pamieli and I are the referees, when we are not helpless with laughter.

and here is the rest of Hafiz's poem for today...

As sitting all alone, for three days,
In your closet

That means not leaving.
Better get a friend to help with
A few sandwiches
The chamber

And no reading in there or writing poems,
That would be cheating;
Aim high---for a 360 degree

This sitting alone, though, is
Not recommended

If you are normally

Or have ever been under a doctor's
Surveillance because of your

Dear one,
Don't let Hafiz fool you---

A ruby is buried

Love you.


Sorrow said...

The antics of our beloved fur children,
they truly are a blessing!
laughter on the sad days
chaos on the calm ones!

pamieli said...

Such a team: Haviz, Luna and Utah.
What Haviz lacks in bodily substance Luna and Utah more than make up for. Utah's body checks against his neck-grabbing girl friend, his readiness to roll over onto his back and let her be on top. Her insistence at being IN CHARGE. The growl that says, "I mean it!"
When Utah and Luna falter in poetic eloquence, Haviz stands up and delivers another knock-out line. Gotta love these three!
and Larabee!
your bud,

A wildlife gardener said...

For starters..I LOVE your vibrant and alive :)

Animals never cease to amaze me. They can rescue people and give them the will to live :)

They can cure ill people who were on the downward slope :)

They can rescue people in fires, earthquakes, and those with broken hearts, and bring love to people in hospital :)

They are special beings, who seem to be in a constant state of bliss :)

They give their trust freely...and, best of all...their love freely :)

Your two pals ooze with fun and laughter and I can see the joy in their eyes :)

N2 said...

Dear Buds,
Great pictures, PElla! I can hear those doggies panting! and am right there on your farm.

And the Hafiz posts have been a wonderful series, LC. Just perfect for the earth singing its song of longing that is Spring.

Bisous à vous deux!

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