Saturday, March 28, 2009


I can 
See angels
Sitting on your ears
Polishing trumpets,
Replacing lute strings
Stretching new skins on the drums
And gathering wood for the evening's fire.
They all danced last night...   Hafiz.
It is Saturday.  Wayne is doing all the huge jobs in the yard I have requested of him.  I am applying gesso to everything in sight, fortunately for Luna, she is largely white from the get-go. I am applying the fabric in the gesso, which I love to do; it is embedding a structure that then speaks/sings through-out the process of painting, catches color and light indifferently.  I am realizing that this process adds movement to my work that I do not have to think about anymore.

Wayne is reading a book about the workings of the brain.  Today, at breakfast, he told me that I am, by some definition, ADD, and because I am on the right track (appropriate supplements, working on/with Self, painting, writing, motivated, excited), it is safe to tell me this! Hmmmmm.  ;-) 

New news. 

Actually, that was a very loving conversation.



laughingwolf said...

the best kind of conversation :)

Sorrow said...

I like that thought,
that there is a right track...
or maybe a white track?

N2 said...

"I can see angels" sitting in your eyes in all of these pictures =o) I love the juxtaposition of the "stretching new skins on drums" with the stretched/gessoed canvas for the new painting. And you are painting even as I type, non? x0x0 N2

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