Thursday, March 12, 2009


For a long time some of us
forgetting that we are water    W.S. Merwin, "The Current"
In the marsh the water level moves with the tide.  Before the landowners constructed drainage ditches and levies, and floodgates, the water and the land moved in rhythm with the tides, the seasons, the moon.  Our own cells move with this same rhythm.  Many have compared the phases and cycles of Life to the seasons.  I notice that I am mesmerized by water:  I like to stare at it, sit beside it, breathe the air that moves over it, lose myself in the cloud reflections upon it.  Often I wonder that I am, perhaps, between seasons.

Imagine looking at the ground and seeing the sky.  Or imagine looking up and seeing down.  
Imagine being so complete, so One with All that Is... that you are reeds catching the first rays of sunlight while clouds gather at your waist, held there by the golden fibers left over from summer.

Imagine that!



laughingwolf said...

i love marshlands, despite being mosquito and leech breeding grounds

N2 said...

Wonder full, LC. Again, I am turning somersaults in the watersky. Bisous, N2

Merry ME said...

Just imagine!
Beautiful post/pictures.

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