Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See Knots

What does worry have to do with it?  Why worry?  What me worry?  Oh, I worry.  Worry.  Worry.  Worry.  Worryworryworryworry.   Shiver me timbers.  Let me outta here.  Now.

I love this photo.  I like to look at it and see the ways that the sweet pea is reaching out to its neighbors, and its own tendrils, so as to climb higher, to place its blooms at optimal height for sunlight, pollinators, and to be right at eye-level with ME!  I like to look at it and see knots, or loop-de-loos.  To see problems or support.  And then, there is seeing that it is completely and simply, a field pea, doing its pea-thing in a most splendid way.

So, an author, or artist, or mother, or father, or... looks at what they are doing and thinks, "Oh God!  What AM I doing???"  Yes.  That is what I woke up thinking today.  Then, it occurred to me to get up, and take my Morning Pages elsewhere in the house to write, maybe a change  of scene would help me zoom through this cursed worry session.  Oh.  It wears me out.  Since it was too cold, and the coffee wasn't in my hand, I stayed put, to miserate I suppose.  May as well be deep in the goo for the morning pages.

Fortunately, coffee did arrive.  I wrote into this predicament to discover once again, that worry, per se, is old habit.  Never accomplishes anything, except for upset.  Worry has yet to change the course of history or herstory.  Worry has no substance.

If You Don't Stop That
I used to live in
A cramped house with confusion
And pain.

But then I met the Friend
And started getting drunk
And singing all

Confusion and pain
Started acting nasty,
Making threats,
With talk like this,

"If you don't stop 'that'---
All that fun---


Yeah.  Take that!


Sorrow said...

Worry and pain,
They often hold you in silken chains
unaware you don't struggle
just wonder where happiness has gone again.
Love the sweet pees!

N2 said...

Love knots =o}...I can't believe how high your peas are already! I hear that the weather has been warm and dry. Are these soon to be flowering peas or the edible type? Love you! N2

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