Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who's God? My God! Oh God!

To get good photos, you have to go out... Ansel Adams or Morris Minor or Reese Bullen 
or Mr. Sams

Here is a great assignment: This week in your morning pages, write about the god you do believe in and the god you would like to believe in.  Hmmmmm.  So, is the god who creates raindrops sliding down a pine needle, gathering in perfect, crystal clear drops before falling to the waiting green earth... big breath... the same god that created me, creates me, creates through me?

Such a risky question, who is in charge here?  At times it is difficult to accept that God, in all Its glory and power and strength and creativity would choose me, little ole me, to do one smattering of anything representing Her.  Often my thinking has been that God would, of course, as a matter of fact, choose every body & thing besides me!  God must have a sense of humor to endure this abuse.

Memory:  In P.E.(many moons ago), especially for body-slamming sports, if I wasn't doing the choosing, I was chosen first, probably since no one wanted to play against me, and not necessarily for scoring goals, as one day I would be hit-every-shot, and the next miss them all. On those off-days, I defended the goal as if my life depended upon it and no one made any goals, we all suffered bruises, "Gawd, Paine..."

Oh.  This sounds awful.  I apologise to all of you that I knocked over physically or trash-talked. A bully-girl just met herself again.  And, important here... I apologise to and forgive this Tough Girl, who really wasn't very tough.  I really forgive her!  I expected you, me... to tough it out through everything, left you out there on the court/field with no defense or offensive team to help you, assist you, support you.

Whew.  Beautiful.  

So, for the rest of today, I will tippie-toe into surrendering to my Good:  my portion of God expressing through and as it's creation:  I surrender to opening to my Good, my God, my Goddess.  I open to this; unrestrained, unhinged, unencumbered, full-on expression!


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Annie said...

I was deeply moved by this Laura. In fact, I found myself falling into the rhythm and meaning of it as I read. It felt like slow motion and magic.

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