Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wild. Wildness. Wilderness. Migration.

What the eye sees is a dream of sight
what it wakes to
is a dream of sight    W.S.Merwin

On the horizon is a "fly off" about a mile long.
   Imagine this!
It just looks like fun!
The sun peeps over the mountains, under the clouds.

Quick!  Count!

We got up really really early.  I made the French Press of coffee, poured mugs full, shook in the foamy cream.  We put on all of our wardrobe, at once, in layers.  We loaded Luna and her quilt, put the last of the coffee in the thermos and headed out into the dawn.  Yes, it was the frozen dawn, in that it took precious minutes to get a hole in the ice on the windshield so I see the road.  We drove to the Wildlife Refuge, and as we got out of the vehicle, wave after wave of the geese were "taking off."  It was a remarkable sight.  And we had not even gotten out of the parking lot!

I love Humboldt County.  Perhaps it is in my DNA.  The land, air, moisture, seasons, revive me. Being out in the middle of the marsh as the sun climbs the eastern side of the Coastal Mountains is a remarkable experience.  I need this wildness.

Blissed out, is all I can say.



N2 said...

Fabulous fotos, LC. That top one has me floating in the air, not sure what side is up *!* I've always loved that stomach dropping feeling. Used to tumble/roll forward into the deep end of the swimming pool to bring it on. Thanks Wild Thang! N2

Bimbimbie said...

The sight of the geese taking off would have been spine tingling - where are they going to?

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