Friday, February 27, 2009

Life is Education, Ongoing.

Deep down we all hug something.  The great forest hugs its silence.  The sea and the air hug the spilled cries of sea birds.   
Emily Carr, "Klee Wyck."

Somebody has been busy in the woodshed.  When I brought in wood yesterday, I uncovered this cache of figs, perfectly dried.  They even smell good!  Somebody knows how to dry figs and to stash them in the cedar and eucalyptus wood. 

I am learning to use my camera.  Today I went out to the garden with the settings on something different than the usual "A" for automatic-camera-does-all-the-figuring.  I am not interested in fiddling much with the images.  As I told my son this evening, I am "old school" in that I do the composition in the view finder.  Really, I do my best work with black and white.  The digital is certainly a leap into techno-reality that I hadn't considered doing.  Of course to him, "old school" means long boards or something. 

This is an embarrassing story:  we were in the car, parents in the front, boys in the back, maybe a girl in there, too(this when the boys were...11 & 13? approx ten years ago).  I was driving, paying some attention to the S. Fitch Mountain road, because it could be treacherous or I might run over a squirrel, when I heard a snippet of conversation from the back seat, "I like cranberries..."  YOU DO????  I practically yelled, and went into a discourse on how excited I was because cranberries are REALLY good for you, and and and...  "It's a band, Mom."

Isn't this gorgeous?  Borage.  Beautiful Borage, blooming in the late afternoon light.  Mmm. This may be my favorite blue, today.  The sky was blue, but not this blue.  This will hold me over until Morning Glory Blue.

Lucinda Williams sings one of my favorite blue songs, "Am I too Blue for You?"

Luna's whole name is Bloo Luna.

Nighty night.



Merry ME said...

Your "A" pictures are a whole lot better than mine. Borage blue - is that in a box of 64 Caryolas? If not it should be.

P.S. Love the hug thought. I must go throw my arms around something!

swallowtail said...

MM... I still cannot get onto your blog. The little notice tells me I must have "permission" to view your profile. If you'd like, email me the admission secret!

I know. I love hugs. And I am re-reading Emily Carr's writings. She inspires, and makes me laugh.


Bimbimbie said...

Lovely words on hug ... and I grinned over the Cranberries tale ... have you spotted the little foodie specialist at work in your wood shed*!*

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