Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look Who Was Waiting for Me

Would you puuleeeeeeeez open the dang door?I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk, or a Sharp Shinned Hawk?  Funny, but when I grabbed my camera, after staring intently at it staring intently at me, I did not notice the beautiful yellow legs!

Poor bird!  So tired.

I felt bad about taking another photo, but couldn't help myself.  Look at the gorgeous patterns in the feathers.  And since I don't have my fabulous lens yet, and when will the next time be that I am above (!) the hawk, so I just had to go at it one more time.

After a call to Bird Rescue, and deciding that I could throw a towel over it and scoop it up and release it outside, I put on my garden gloves and my denim jacket and my glasses (bird-rescue goggles...), found a big, thick towel, and crept back into the room and gently closed the door behind me.

"Okay.  You are going to be alright.  I won't hurt you," reassuring it (right, just imagine the thick blue towel coming slowly around...), and it said telepathically, "See ya!" scooted around the vanity, and literally vanished out the open door.  Didn't make a sound, not even a wing-whoosh.

Thank goodness!  Safely back to its chicken, mouse and frog hunting.  Now I can claim to be a Hawk Whisperer, add that to a Wasp Talker.  Yes, that is a whole 'nother blog!

Adventures!  I believe I put that in my prayer this morning, and thought, what?



Sorrow said...

now how the heck did he get in the house?
I think i would have made the silent dash too! what with that scary blue towel thingy!

swallowtail said...

I left the back door open when I went to work, thinking the warm fresh air would do the house good, maybe blow the dust-bunnies further under furniture. The hawk must've flown in, through the kitchen, hung a tight left, through our bedroom, into the writing room, and around another left turn to the very-back door. Amazing.

Tigger, our enormous clicking cat scurried in here this evening when we got home to check out the back door. I do not believe a cat would bother such a bird, but he was interested...

Annie said...

Oh my GOSH. I am so stoked. This reminds me of the morning I went out and found a EMU on my front lawn. Lots of pictures of that too. Birds can end up in the most unnatural of places but how lucky for us when they do.

Bimbimbie said...

Oh what a fabulous moment you had my friend the Hawk Whisperer ;) and lucky us that you had time to take photos of your beautiful visitor ... I'm soooo envious in the nicest way*!* Smiles

A wildlife gardener said...

How blessed were you to have such a wonderful visitor? He's a beauty and a great story to share with everyone :)

laughingwolf said...

incredible tale and pics, thank you :D

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