Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eggs: first eggs, frying eggs, eggs lined up

Mmm-mmmmmm good!  First FRESH eggs, fried in butter with ground pepper and Potato Ciabata.  Yum yum yum.

Eggs cooking.  

Eggs in flower pot, enjoying late January winter sun.

Eggs in the carton.

Eggs in rows.

The name of our Writer's Group is "Scrambled Eggs."  We make many jokes about our meetings, we do "eggings," and we "scramble" for a perfect word, or a misplaced comma, or hyphen, and one of our favorite "Egglet" comments, "...maybe just a little verb here?" seems to have taken on greater, at times ominous meaning.

I am very grateful for this group of amazing writers.  I am grateful for their transparent, loving critiques, their thoughtful, conscientious written comments.  I am grateful for their dedication to the craft of writing, their encouragement, "Submit!  Submit!  Submit!" and "...don't give up on this one, you're almost there!"  I am grateful for the growing relationships and deep friendships.  I am grateful for a group of people willing to focus on the writing!

So today, I say, I love my 'Eggs!


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