Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning to Be

A One Dog Householdwith button jars, whiskers and grandgirl infusions now and then.  Birds at the feeder and on the back fence, Johnny Jump Ups in pots, and kibble-snacks in baggies in pockets on long walks, January sunshine, wishing and praying and dancing for rain.  Bites on the fly of wildcatpoop, mad-dashes for the tennis balls, and rough-housing play-dates with Utah, her own big leather chair, quilt and three cats to startle daily.  Naps in sunspots. The rug in front of the stove.  Breakfast by herself.

Luna Dog is learning to not bark at every unknown entity.  She is wriggling back into her own skin, showing me how.  I carry kibble for her, water for me.  Neither her or I are suppressible, really, and both of us are learning this ongoing lesson.  I am taking her with me to everything and everywhere, and she is doing well.  She has been the perfect massage-dog so far this week, not licking clients through the face cradle, or conversing.  Instead, she is lying quietly and sleeping, albiet underfoot for me, and it is easy enough to quietly step over her.  My wonderful clients have, thus far, encouraged me to bring her to work.

So far our attention has been brought to about 5 Labbies who need homes, 3 of which are young females, one of which looks uncannily like Pie.  So far we are saying nothankyou, for now.  For now we are putting focus on this moment, this dog, this practice, this writing and submitting, this painting.  

So far our attention is on Loving what Is.


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Sorrow said...

That is a sweet face
and slow and steady
is a wonderful way to travel the path.

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