Saturday, January 24, 2009

Books, Beloveds and Some Swirling Sadness

Books on my desk: A Book of Rereadings, by Greg Kuzma

These smiley faces are modelling hats.  They are pretty cute.  The hats, that is?

This one is hard to get to grin when I get out my camera.  I have to bother her much; it's worth it

Cast Art travels...  the cast goes this week.  Some of us will be missing it.

These are the Eldests:  #1 daughter, and my bestest friend from forever... our Dad's were good friends from high school!!!  She has me at about 4 years old on home-movies!

Any ole hat looks pretty fabulous on this one!

Today was obviously fun!  We had a good country breakfast of sausage and potatoes, scrambled eggs, pumpkin muffins, gallons of French Press coffee and cream, apples, oranges, home-squeezed apple juice.  Luna didn't bark too much, even let Roger into the house without too much grumbling and barking today(yesterday she was beside herself).  Skyler, on the other hand, got into the house without her noticing, and then she had to carry on some.  The sky was full of clouds which broke up and let the sun through and then re-grouped.  Mary and I walked Luna down to see the horses.  Everybody left for their homes.  Wayne started the pruning.  Mary and I brought in wood, and more wood, and then we planted the garlic that Arla brought me... we found worms!

And when it quiets down, sadness swirls around me.  I miss that Meat Pie!  I miss her underfoot.  I miss tripping over her when there are crowds of people that I am cooking for, and she is catching whatever falls on the floor.  I miss her chasing Luna and knocking things over.  I miss how she smelled.  I miss how she lay in front of the stove on the rug, or if that got crowded, she went in and got on our bed!  I miss how when I show people my studio, she would crowd in with us, and then lay down.  Invariably someone would trip over her.  I miss that, too.

When I just give in... and just miss her, it passes some.  Obviously, nothing can bring her back.  Tonight I was looking at a blog called "Use Real Butter," yeah, that's what I thought... MY kind of title!!!  On her blog she posted a picture of their little Brown Lab when she was a baby and was befuddled by a tennis ball.  I just sat here in disbelief.  That little dog looked just like Meat Pie did when we got her:  fat, dark chocolate brown, fuzzy and bewildered.

Well.  That's that.  

We are very blessed with this amazing Life.  With a beautiful family, deep and abiding friendships, good work, and a million books yet to read, I am blessed, busy, and willing to feel how much I love that Labrador!  I love the spotted Luna, I love all this bounty which surrounds me.  I love.

Our friend Wade (The Miracle Dog Trainer) said to me, "You need to go through the sadness, Laura.  Don't hurry it.  It will pass."

Once again, I get to just believe.

Oh, and "Hummingbird's Daughter" by Luis Alberto Urrea is on my desk, too.



Merry ME said...

I hate the thought of losing a beloved pet after many years of friendship. I look at my Black Beauty and see the growing patch of white in her muzzle and worry that our time together may be getting shorter. Yesterday she didn't even bark at the mailman when he dropped letters through the slot in the drawer. She must be getting tired.

For Christmas I was surprised with 3 dog books from my Amazon wish list. I've been reading Woman's Best Friend - women writers on the gods in their lives. I think I put it on my list because Pam Houston, one of my favorite authors, wrote the forward. I'm finding it a very enjoyable read. There's a lot to be learned and to be grateful for when our lives are blessed by a loving canine.

May your good memories of Meatpie bring you comfort.

Merry ME said...

P.S. I wrote a paper once on Peace Pilgrim!

Annie said...

I love that your men modeled the hats. Men can be so stubborn about such things. Great humored bunch of guys.

Fire Byrd said...

Lovely happy pics. And words tinged with sadness. It is so difficult losing a pet, they are such friends. It's taken me two years after losing my airdale to get another dog.... who is of course the adorable Trix! Thank you for stopping by, I like your blog.

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