Monday, January 19, 2009

Fog Drops

...dozens of spheres...clinging to its surface...the largest
 could have been carried
...clustered on one of her spots...      from "Today..." by Mike Kamrath
For full enjoyment, click on the image to see the crystalline spheres of fog drops.

This deer is a little worried, as we ease the car past, while Luna watches attentively, rumbling the whole time.

Of course, when I have the bigger, stronger, more amazing lens, you will be able to see what I saw:  Tundra Swans, Canada Geese, Aleutian(thousands of) Geese, Coots, and Crows.  Until then, the wetland habitat will suffice, hopefully, in its peaceful presence.

The Aleutian Geese have revived from near extinction.  Their story is facinating:  The Russians had released foxes from their (failed?) fur farms on to the 450 Aleutian Islands where the Aleutian Goose nest.  In about 7-10 years the geese were nearly extinct.  Through the efforts of some amazing naturalists, who carried live geese out on their backs, the geese have been re-introduced into their natural habitat, and are one again thriving.  In fact, they are a migration presence, in that they now number in the 100,000's and they overwhelm pastures, airports, golf courses and other peope-made yummy grass areas.  This is where we say, Yay! for Border Collies, which are used to round up the geese and shoo them on their way!  Incidently, Border Collies were also used to round up the geese to capture and move them!

This beautiful restored wetland is in Humboldt County.



laughingwolf said...

exquisite, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

it's nice to know that we can, and often do,
undo the damage.
Even the wisest among us, can not see all ends..
The photo's are lovely! ( even without the super lens)

Bimbimbie said...

I love hearing tales of people making wonders happen from a bad situation, that looks like a beautiful spot*!*

Yolanda said...

You live in such a beautiful place. Did you really like the Hummingbirds Daughter? I have it to read here.

swallowtail said...

Yes. I love "The Hummingbird's Daughter." To me it is a 495 page long poem.

"Nothing ahead of them now but night.
Night, and great, dark North America."



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