Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breathing and Whale Watching, with Dolphins

They came when we were wondering how long one could hang on, stay upright, not crash into one's neighbor... and all of a sudden they were there!  Under the bow, on the right!  On the left!  In back, surfing in our wake!  The water, the air, the whole concept of life, LIFE! was illuminated in speed, beauty, playfulness, joy, determination and whatever else a Dolphin is.  I was so glad to see them.
Sea Lions and youngsters, Sea Gulls, Harbor Seals and Comorants all piled on the spit at the Monterey Harbor.  Click on the image for a better idea of teeming Life!  Click on the dolphins, too.  And yes, I am on the quest for another lens!

I've gone on a trip.  Saturday was the Full Wolf Moon.  I heard coyotes calling one another.  I saw shadows under the oaks.  In the sky the full faced moon threw light all over the landscape.  The Bay Bridge looked like delicate sparkling embroidery.  The buildings in the Financial District and on the San Francisco hills were illuminated in moonlight.

Home again.  Mary spent the afternoon with us.  We had ice cream "with chocolate powder" twice, once before dinner and once after.  It was sunny and warm.

So Life pulls us along with it.  And I am very grateful.



Pat said...

What a delightful post!

Annie said...

Omigosh, it has been way too long since I visited Monterey Harbor. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of the life there.

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