Saturday, June 27, 2009


Love is this:  The evening yellow of a long, hot summer day, full hearted, opening gradually, imperceptibly, gloriously.  Open to the Yellow.  Open to Love.
I want to soak up the last ray of heat.  I want to pull it into my center and hold it all night long.
To be prepared for morning, when the light will seek me, as I know yellow, carry
and gift yellow.

It's all yellow now.


Bimbimbie said...

Enjoy your yellow embrace Swallowtail*!*

Merry ME said...

Yellow! Who knew it could be so awesome. Great words. Great photos.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful words, a tribute to Life. I love yellow too; such a joyful and dazzling colour! Wonderful photos (see the flowers bloom). It's magic!

N2 said...

Love the way the yellow pops out of the background. So lovely to see you out and about again.
Love and hugs! N2

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