Thursday, June 25, 2009

plant friends and tiny gods

Dear ones,
Beware of the tiny gods frightened men

To bring an anesthetic relief
To their sad
Silene californica pink
Coming back home from the Lake, I saw red in the dried grasses.  Luna was not tired enough to not complain, and I got out of the car and scrambled up the bank.  I am ceaselessly amazed by what goes on in the seemingly dried-up grasses.  I didn't stay long enough to catch the beetles and lizards, but I know that they were there, I heard them rattling around, causing miniature landslides; guess that would be pebble slides.
Growing up we called these "Monkey Faces."  Some grow in meadows where the mountain springs seep down the mountainside.  Some grow on the banks of small streams(rills).  And these were with their friends, The Pinks, in a shady spot on a hot, dry coastal mountain.
And I love this camera that gives me the opportunity to put my nose right up to this bright red; click, and bring it home to be surprised yet again.

Late Tuesday afternoon I moved the little sprinkler in the front yard.  Owww!  My lower back muscles tightened up around the sharp pain, and it occurred to me that one simple chiropractic adjustment may not move this one.  Of course, being myself, I finished up the remaining tasks before taking myself off to evening commitments, which did include the adjustment. Wednesday morning I got my usual cheery self out of bed and about 6 steps away from the bed realized that I could go no further, forward or back.  Oh, I don't like that!

Yesterday was spent mostly asleep.  This morning I was inspired to call my friend Pam, and made my way up to her amazing garden(a post in its own glory), where she dug some Valerian plant up for my tea, and for transplanting into my herb garden.  The beautiful tea, light colored and woodsy tasting, has been comforting.  Maybe the real cure is in the greeting by Utah who jumped so high he put both front paws, very lightly, on the tops of my shoulders!  

Listening to the plants, I was guided to add a couple of Comfrey leaves to the Valerian and Sage.  Later I looked up Comfrey to discover that it is used for "sprains, swelling and is useful in any kind of inflammatory swelling."  While my plant-knowledge has been self-taught, with absorbing information from my Grandma Annie, and my mother and my father, various aunts and uncles, I have no "degree."  My talent lay in listening to the plant conversations. They speak readily, if I am willing to listen, and they have the best sense of humor.

I have been writing.  Telling.  Writing into memory, into the scent of summer sun on my arms. Writing into the vulnerability of childhood.  Writing into how beautiful things like wildflowers; how bright their color, how tenacious their grip in the dry soil, how these beautiful beings support me.  

It was not a surprise to feel my back move into pain:  I trust the process; I am safe...Louise Hay.  Today I drew the Valerian leaf, and the seed-head(marginally, as I am a little impatient!).
Luna had another time-out for trying to get into the chicks' house.  The red finches, Grosbeaks, Orioles, Blackbirds, and a host of others including quail, sang at the tops of their lungs all through my nap!  No complaints here!  I trust.  

Much Love.  Big Hugs.


Merry ME said...

Great writing. I could feel your excitement and your pain! I do hope your spine is back in line and the muscles relaxed. For me it is another reminder that when the dr. says to stretch every day he means it!

P.S. I love catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and impulsively stopping to investigate. Your environment is way prettier and inspiring than mine.

Sylvia said...

Dear Swallowtail, I love your Blog. It reminds me of the place where I grew up. Dogs, and chickens, cows and flowers. Brilliant.
I love your writing too. It is so natural and full of light...

Bimbimbie said...

Ouch! the joy and pain of getting close to nature ... worth the price though isn't it*!* Hope your back is letting you get around a little easier.

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