Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mona, Leesa and Carmelita

Two Barred Rocks and One Light Brahma; yes, little Miss Carmelita.
Imagine growing up with that in the background.
This is why I believe my DalmaPittie is also a herding dog.

Today the little ones got to go outside for the first time.  The afternoon was warm, the borrowed cage big, and they tried out their wings and hopped high high high!  Luna ducked when they did that move.  They were living in a small cardboard box in my studio, and have been roosting on the edge, though they do like to cuddle under the light.  I recently read that Barred Rocks faithfully return to their house, after their daily browsing.  Very cute to find them back in their box after many signs pointing to that they had been exploring the studio.  Today they have moved into Luna's crate which now has a nice little branch for a roost.  Already they like that amenity, it's like a new couch.

And, already, I am planning on 3 eggs a day.  Nice.  It is easy to see what Luna is planning.  She is, as we speak, having a time-out, as snapping air in the presence of the chicks is forbidden.

My friend Hafiz says this:

This One Is Mine

Someone put
You on a slave block
And the unreal bought

Now I keep coming to your owner

"This one is mine."

You often overhear us talking
And this can make your heart leap
With excitement.

Don't worry,
I will not let sadness
Possess you.

I will gladly borrow all the gold
I need

To get you 

An influx of Joy.
Every day, all day, I love you.



Susan Cornelis said...

Oh I do love your little chickies! I have a Barred Rock hen and she lays super jumbo sized eggs and is my favorite.

Bimbimbie said...

Awwwww thrice sweet and they have their own doggieguard to watch their every move*!*

I love their names

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