Friday, June 5, 2009

Rebekah Lauren!

Every year on June 5, we all say, "Remember when...?" because she was our #1 GRANDchild!  And, there is the runaway fact that time literally flies:  my boys are now young adults, the kittens are elders and very fat, we moved off the Mountain, there are more more more GRAND children.  And there is ONE Rebekah Lauren!
Us "Elders" laugh because she is the "spittin' image" of her Mama!  It's like Rille has her own self  with which to contend.  With tongue in cheeks, we smile and know what and how they are doing!  We know that Rebekah will hold her own, that she guides us daily in staying present with her feelings, wisdom, grumpiness, an occasional zit, borrowing ear rings, painting her fingernails black with a Sharpie(she promised never-ever to do that again!), and with her beautiful vulnerability.
My favorite memory (no, I have billions, thank Goodness!) is going for a walk with Rebekah when she was about 3 years old, when her family was involved with "training" their dear, sweet Brittany Spaniel, Jack.  Rebekah observed, of course, and participated obviously.  She and I were winding down the path, a gentle slope to the playing field at the Elementary School.  She was in the lead, of course.  I was talking, of course.  And keeping her close-by, which may have been irritating?  Anyway, we looped around a small group of Redwood trees, and she whirled around, and pointed her finger at me, and commanded, "SIT!"  I was a little startled, so I didn't obey instantly.  Big Mistake:  "SIT NONNIE!  SIT.  (authoritative pause...)  STAY."

It appeared that her intention was to ditch me, so that she could wander.  I did sit down, just to see what was up.  She went on down the path, checking now and then to make sure that I was still in "sit-stay" which I was.  Like any good trainer, she kept an eye on me, and returned to gather me up and continue our walk.

To this day, Rebekah is very good with dogs.  She is also very good with managing her various GrandMothers.

And we are SO BLESSED!  Happy Birthday Baaaayyyyy Beeeeeeeeee!

With a full heart,

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Merry ME said...

Rebekah Lauren, what a beautiful name and beautiful face. Happy Birthday sweet girl. May you always be able to smile like you do in these pictures. May your life be full of promise and love and joy. May you have the gift of discenrment and know when it is right to sit and to stay. But mostly when it is time to test your wings and fly. May you sing your own song and dance your own dance with the knowledge that you are a special, unique and blessed creation of the Almighty.

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