Friday, June 19, 2009

Empower Your Fleshy Thing

I submit these photo's to the "Fleshy Thang" contest.

Rather regularly, my Writer's Group goes off the deep end.  One of the latest prompts: ...based on the spam e-mail title: "Empower Your Fleshy Thing."  As you may imagine, this took us on a journey, and some pretty bad writing, some not-so-bad, and some awful... a little of which I am going to share!  Of course, in my opinion, with this prompt, what did we expect?  And I love it all, literally screaming with laughter when the emails would pop up.  A writer's group is a must, that's all I've got to say.

Some highlights:  
  • from K:  ...if I had been more encouraging.  Limp as a broken finger, the damn fleshy thing just lay there, embarrassing us both.
  • from CHB: broken finger experience, I hasten to add, was anything but limp! Swollen and red, ahem pardon one must cough into a lace hanky when admitting such a thing.
  • from LC:  ahem   silence only because of the blush awakened by spam.  a lace hanky bespeaks panky   ahem   you may, by now, see why   I silence
  • from SF:  He's watching me watch him, watching the tattoos along his forearm, the beard along his jaw, strong shoulders beneath the languid snake.
  • from MK: (a veeeeerrrrrrrrry looooooooooong song)  F-f-f-f-fleshy thang!
  • from PB: No further entries will be accepted.  ...yours,  Fleshy Thing Empowerment Team
  • from N: Will we have to wear bare legs and chaps when we sing..."Fleshy Thang?" as our next performance piece?
So keep writing!  Share your writing!  Encourage each other to write.  Read.  Laugh!

And keep your eyes on the road.  There are pendulous things hanging from the trees.



Merry ME said...

My writing group does not seem to be as "creative" as yours. Maybe we're still in the get-t0-know-you stage! That said, we were all quite impressed/surprised when Earth Mother's story on "teeth" was all about some guy sucking the hygienists' fingers. We were a little aghast to learn it was based on truth. Seems the guy had a regular thing going on. Every six months he got his teeth cleaned, got a little action and the girls got an extra $50 bucks!

I wouldn't suggest "fleshy thing" out to the group!

Stefanie said...

Love those Buckeyes. No comment about the fleshiest of fleshies. :)

la diabla said...

I think you just wanted an excuse to post a picture of that darned Buckeye.

who in our family named it the testacle tree?

I'm sure it wasn't me.

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