Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just picked mint.  It almost seems cruel to pour the tea water over the dark green leaves.  But I am intent, just hoping there are no bugs hiding anywhere.  

Jasmine Pearls unwinding.
Mint.  And more mint.  A French Press is a utilitarian friend.
Begin again time:  planting the garden!  We put up the architecture for the Tomato Wall and the Neighbor Beans.  Rotating our crops, so the rows are moved over by the winter garden, and that bed is nearing its plowing-under, as a few of the cabbages are unfurling into tall, blooming trees!  And the Arugula is blooming; very pretty with the Borage.  It is toasty hot today, wildly gorgeous.  

Then, more Bliss:  off to hear a gathering of Poet Laureates, then a little grocery shopping, then home to Mary and Rebekah spending a 'school night' with us!  How cool is this?  Only thing left to weave into the day, is a leap into the river for Luna.  Hmmm, such hardship.

Happy Planting!


Sorrow said...

OH! I long for fresh mint tea!
My little plants are just poking there heads up thru the mulch.
I can't wait!
and on a funny note,
we were joking over the weekend about " make love not war" and little one said momma's slogan should be "make tea! not war!" now how funny is that? gonna have to make me a t-shirt with that on it!

swallowtail said...

How perfect! Oh, kidlets! Imagine; gathering the herbs, cutting and rolling the tea leaves, boiling the clear water... negativity, or even fighting over much, might never ever even come up. Let us keep this in consciousness.

N2 said...

I'm floating in mint =o))
x0 N2

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