Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Meandering Date with Myself

Have you ever contemplated the thought
So long before we were ever born.   Hafiz
This is the season of the Perfect Rose.  Roses.  Above my head, gathering all that yellow to shower upon me, and in the shadow a scent sweet beyond comprehension.  
No wonder these are always in the boudoir redolent, soft, sensuous.  Maybe this is my favorite.
This cheery color combination caught my eye.  A very inviting side gate to a local B & B.
Being brave and taking the camera to new chapters: moving the little dial off of "Auto," branching into trusting my own 'eye' and 'focus' and beyond, into trusting my own aesthetic. Trusting my interactions with my environment, my creative processes, trusting Trust.  Hmmm. Big movement today.

Yesterday I met myself square-on in my ramblings about my 'inner critic.'  I found that I have a rather nasty vocabulary when speaking to Self.  Sorrow made a request for finding Hafiz.  This bumped me back to the reality of Joy:  Hafiz celebrates.  Everything.  Even mistakes and grumbling and, well, generally all that the human experience entails.  OH!  YES!

Yesterday has a yes within it.  



Sorrow said...

now there is my beloved Hafiz!
and on a VERY VERY
spooky note,
I am doing roses
in glass today.
Now how serendipitous is that?
a focus that crossed the continent...
cyber sister...

N2 said...

Bee-yoou-ti-full roses, Madame. Thanks for the pix from the 'hood bringing me sunshine across the miles. Great depth of focus in these. Bises, N2

Annie said...

This post proves to me that you would be a lovely camera walking companion.

Bimbimbie said...

Beautiful roses (especially your favourite - such a rare bloom lol)

and brave you for coming off auto *!*

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