Thursday, April 23, 2009

After The Cleaning...

Beneath my eyelids.   Hafiz
That Orange tree is distracting.

We had such a good time at the Lake.  We love to go places.  We love each other.  We Love.
I found these cutie-pies behind one of those magnificent stacks of papers and books.
Aaaannnddddd heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrre it is!  A cleaned off desk.  I kept one little stack of books handy.

Now, I am off to celebrate my baby boy's 22nd birthday.  Oh gosh, I just had a rush of that day when he was born (right about now!).  He was nearly born in the car after a madcap drive into Portland, Oregon.  We didn't even check into the U. of O. hospital, since he was born partway down the hall on the gurney.  After spending about an hour or so there, we bundled up and went back home!  Our midwife came with us, so we did all the necessary things in the living room on the floor with all the sisters(5) and brother in attendance.  Yes, we forgot to tell the brother that the new baby would cry, and so of course, when he (2 years old) was holding said baby, baby started to bellow!  Poor boy, so startled that he started to roar as well.  

Having had only daughters, with delicate little mewling cries, these two boys blew off the roof!

Tomorrow:  planting tomatoes and peppers! 



Annie Jeffries said...

What a fabulous birth story. I bet the two brothers are totally tight today.

We also made a mad dash to the hospital with our daughter. I still can't believe we actually got there before the main event. You have me beat though. No hallway birth for us. LOL

Bimbimbie said...

Tidy desk top, smiling canines, happy memories, wrapped in orange blossom*!*

N2 said...

Great segue! After (the) birth and After (the) cleaning - you sure know how to make those unusual connections, LC =o) Kisses, N2

la diabla said...

and they're both so quiet and contained now....good thing us girls were born first to remember and tell the tale of their bellowing cries!

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