Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Boy and More White

He is the new boy in town!  Born April 8, 2009, tall, good-looking and confident.
Isn't it amazing that a foal manages to control those legs within an hour of birthing, to stand and nurse?  And then, start walking, frolicking, racing and ripping around the corral?
If one more person, takes one more photo of an Iris... sigh.  I can't help myself!  Just look into the magical center, marvel in the symmetry, be transported into the land of Invitation and pollen, Come to me, little pollinator, little messenger; Beloved.
Maybe the charm of the "Flag" is the apparent revelation of secret.  The sensual, sexual invitation to intimate gifting; slightly subtle, simultaneously flamboyant.
Oh!  This invitation is juicy!  My my my.  The Iris is so feminine.  The Orange so male.
At a writing workshop recently we were invited to "free-write" a description of The Garden of Eden.  My writing fiddled around on this present reality, where my husband trims all of the apple trees into healthy and perfect form.  The idea of remembering the Garden keeps nudging me.

Remember being the Bee; having access to the most secret and beautiful places.  One of the influential books I read as a child, was by James Michner, "Tales of the South Pacific," and of course, "Hawai'i."  I remember being transported by the whole first half of "Hawai'i," being caught in his descriptions of the first spiders riding the wind and clouds to the Islands.  

I like remembering like that, simply taking the ride, no matter how far-fetched it may appear to the logical or reasonable parts of self.  So, my assignment to Moi, is to keep writing in to this remembering.

Happy Spring Day.


Merry ME said...

New boy on the block is quite handsome.
Who knew an Iris so sexually inviting?
I remember reading Hawaii, but more than that I remember the sweet fragrances that float on the tropical air. Mmmmm.

Annie Jeffries said...

He is quite the handsome fellow. And you can never have too many irises. I love seeing them. Mine are taking their old sweet time blooming. Grrrrr.

Lisa Gates said...

Hey you. Returning the love m'dear. Such a creative juicy site!

N2 said...

Will that boy only let you get a picture from straight on? He does look lively for a newborn. Even those orange flowers are lookin' boyish. Bisous, N2

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