Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Passport Weekend" is a massive wine tasting event.  Gillions of people have traveled millions of miles to come and partake of a weekend in the wine country.  The vineyards are all cleaned up, trimmed, flowers blooming everywhere, and the tasting rooms are all cleaned up and gorgeous as well.  It is a cleaned-up event.  Spring cleaning.  Not to mention, so much work has been done to make the roads safe, since when people start sipping at 11 in the morning, by 2 pm (in the past), there were crazy drivers loose.  Perilous to say the least.  Now there is an obvious Highway Patrol presence, hundreds of Limos, and generally it seems quite a bit more sane.  
This Barrel room was dressed up by some very fabulous paintings.  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the others!  That's kind of embarrassing, but understand... this place had pretty good wine and excellent hor's d'voures.
An invitation to "Save the Ocean!" this car is covered with sea shells.  Quite an undertaking, and I am sure that the little Honda does not get the gas mileage that its counterparts do.  Does? Anyway, check out the mirror!  The car was parked at my favorite small winery.
Well.  I just loved the shadows.  Reminds me of a painting.  Or a quilt.
Aaahh!  Gasp!  Amazing landscape, looking East from the highest vineyard in Sonoma County. 

From now until school starts in the fall, there are innumerable events going on, often simultaneously, in our corner of the world.  Many are wine related, and there is theatre, art, poetry, Farmer's Mkts., festivals.  It is an amazing place to live and work and raise one's family. Creativity seeps out of the cracks, sings out of the mist, colors life day in and out.   

Today Wayne sang with the Healdsburg Community Chorus for the 18th year in a row!  They sang an ambitious program to a full house, receiving a standing ovation at the end.  

Full, full full weekend!  NOW I HAVE to go paint, or I am going to be mumbling and grumbling that I never get anything done.  Not to mention that the bed is looking pretty inviting.



Peter said...

Chickens! - I just love chickens.

If I ever get to retire I am going to keep some out back to peck around the grass, I don't care what they'll do to the flowers . . . .

enjoy your painting


Annie said...

That looks like so much fun, Lara. I definitely need to get some Sonoma time on my dance card. AND - love that art car. Way cool.

N2 said...

Sounds like U 2 are having way too much fun without me =0}... Thanks for including us in with some of your fabulous pictures. X0 N2

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