Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Morning Meditation: Focus

Before:  Larabee is faced with an obvious #1 on the To Do List...
Yoda helps me focus.
Then I think about going out with the dogs, finding Utah...
the river, or the lake
and then, there is the handy-dandy little Pendulum.
It is time to find the wild places
I promise "after" pictures


Merry ME said...

My filing system is very similar. Sweetie as asked for my financial records so he can make a budget!
Hysterical laughter in the background! How far is Utah from Florida?

swallowtail said...

O. That is good.

Bimbimbie said...

Hope you found some wild delights on your walk ... I know if I were to have a to do list it would disappear under all my other bits of paper *!*

A wildlife gardener said...

My desktop looks exactly like yours at Larabee, Swallowtail :)

I love your beautiful dog...the eyes have it every time :)

I do manage to be constantly creative, even though my desk is cluttered all the time. Maybe, it's a case of, 'Out of chaos comes order'...? :)

Sorrow said...

Why focus when you can walk that sweet looking puppy?
I mean really as long as the windows are closed the paper work isn't going any where...
is it?
( so speaks the Goddess of procrastination....)

N2 said...

Hey, where's my "after" picture?! Musta' got lost out there in the wild Luna ride =o) Bises! N2

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