Monday, February 16, 2009

I Love the Rain!

In a dark time, the eye begins to see.  Theodore RoethkeLeaning over the fresh, rain filled ditch, the movement is quick, the sound gurgles; so busy.

Already the pair of Mallards have found the new pond.  Ah yes, a swim in the vineya'd, dawlin'!

Mmmm, I am in love with all things wet!

And I hear that more is on the way, and that our S.Californian friends may wash off the edge of the continent.  Hopefully not.  Good news to see our little river rushing, the pussy willows furring up, and the ravens doing whoop-dee-doos, in pairs!

Okay, here is the challenge of the week, ala "The Artist's Way"... reading deprivation!  Eeek! This caused a riot among us!  What about checking my email, for business, of course!  I was thinking, O NO!  What will Facebook do without moi?  My Bloggess!  Now what?

First off, I have charged up the camera battery.  It occurred to me that I can, for a week, post only images.  Some one this morning offered, "You can write, just don't read it!"  I have a painting started (O, I love red!), I just began a new sketch book, there are huge puddles around in which to splash with Luna, there are grandkidlets to embrace, already I have a big pot of bubbling chai.  Ms. Cameron suggests: repot some plants, write to old friends, sort closets, wash the dog, make curtains, LISTEN to music, knit(he he he... she knows not to whom she speaks!), watercolor, work out, meditate...  you know, get INto my life!

This is the time.  This is right where I am.  This is IT!

Here is one line from this chapter, entitled "Recovering a Sense of Integrity": " my experience, I had many times wriggled out of reading for a week due to procrastination.  As blocked creatives, we can be very creative at wriggling out of things.  ...the nasty bottom line is this: sooner or later, if your are not reading, you will run out of work and be forced to play."

Think of the freedom on this horizon.  Is email really connecting me to my loved ones?  Is Facebook real?  Can one text the Goddess?  The answer is, YES.  Yes to all of the questions. And so much more.  There are times when my beloved computer sucks hours out of my day, especially when I am reading fabulous blogs, or visiting the Elephant Sanctuary, or funniest dog videos.

So this will be interesting.  Yep.  No reading.  Shudder, this feels like how I feel when I am headed into a "Silent Retreat" which amounts to abject terror.   Calm down, it isn't that bad.


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laughingwolf said...

i love rain too, but draw the line at flooding....

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