Monday, February 9, 2009

Does That Have Calcium In It?

A new cast, with bling, makes for happily growing bones.Luna is a good student!  Let's sit, and pose, and smile!
It's difficult to take a picture of just the cast when your student is so front and center.
And they have fun, no matter.  These two are made for one another.

Mary is learning how to cook.  We made a Boston Cream Pie, following Martha's recipe.  Mary helped with the filling, "This is just like when we made gravy!"  Luna licked the bowls. OMiGoddess, this dessert may be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, as it is rather calorie laden. Calcium rich, though.  Right?  Eggs, milk, cream, butter... some flour and sugar.  Oh, there is calcium in chocolate, too.

Yes, we are on our way to flunking Nutrition 101, but we are going down smiling.

Mary likes to work to keep our planet healthy.  She likes to eat well, no junk food.  She is very fun to have spend an hour or a day or an overnight, we always laugh lots.  She has gotten used to me saying, "Wait, I have to get my camera!"  

"I know, Nonnie.  The Blog."

I love you, Mary!



Nessa said...

I've made Boston Cream Pie a time or two, fun! Of course, I'm happy with just the creamy custard part. A few times I made just that and drowned a bunch of strawberries in it. Yum!

swallowtail said...

OH! Now I pine for an Oregon Strawberry to drown in some kind of cream.......

Merry ME said...

I hope this is not a duplicate comment. I don't think my last one went through. I'll try again.

I think I have a kinship with Miss Mary. It might be in the name - both of us being Mary's. Or it might be that my inner child enjoys a girl who likes bling, likes to laugh, and has almost mastered the art of riding a horse.

I can't think of anything that could top a sleep over with a little one AND chocolate custard!

Ohmygoddes! It all sounds delicious!

P.S. Please include Miss Mary's choice of inspirational women on my blog ( on March 8 - International Women's Day.

P.S.S. Please disregard if this comment came through twice. I'm comment challenged!

swallowtail said...

Merry Me... I cannot get on your blog, and believe me, I can be pretty challenged myself when it comes to comments... not all technical, either! I will try again in the morning! xoxo

Merry ME said...

Does this help or hinder?

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