Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chamomile turns her face

One day I walked upon a strip of land that belonged to nothing.      
from "Klee Wyck," by Emily CarrChamomile

turns her face to the sun
center of this solar universe
she turns to life and light
dances through vineyard

white petals, yellow center
glad colors with new green
pushes a song of calm
spring caught quickly

Chamomile is the first
to blink bright scent
before riots of mustard
or vineyard clean-up

gentle morning, Chamomile looks
East, expects the rising sun
opens her face, shows
her yellow optimism

young love, tender and untested
offered up to the altar
of forever, Chamomile
braided into long, sunlit hair


Sorrow said...

How warming, how full of hope.
It was so nice to read your lovely woven words
about a sweet and fragrant bloom.
so longing for spring...
and the photo..
a most heartfelt sigh....

N2 said...

Lovely poem warm from the CA sun. I could smell the pollen powdered scent and see those tiny girls standing under the vines with their root feet wet.
xxx's N2

Merry ME said...


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