Wednesday, September 10, 2008

tender moments

Take a moment to entwingle with your favorite...color!I found this tendril yesterday, this morning it has taken a couple more loops.
There is a bird on the image and he/she shows up!
The Sweetmeat Squash climbed in with the Neighbor Beans.  Mmmmmmmm.
O! Pomegranates!

This morning I find myself looking for some comfort and burnt the gentle quinoa to barbecued crispness.  And I say, "Look up, Sweet One, see the ocean fog receding back to the coast breathe in this cool, cool air, hear the squawking Blue Jay, and remember those little grey birds that descended upon the towering Mammoth Sunflower yesterday to feast upon aphid and ants while you were feasting upon the exploding Sunburst cherry tomatoes."

At times it is very important to have a kind talk with one's self:  Gratitude in remembering that it is possible for me to whip up a tomato and onion omelet after having absent-mindedly obliterated the quinoa.  

My garden, collapsing into Autumn, continues to bring Peace and Joy into my consciousness.  Having a diet of 90% tomato is fun.  Filling freezer and belly with tomatoes raw, cooked, sauced and souped is even entertaining.  

My garden is the perfect antidote to the political mess:  I can read the Constitution in the peace of Neighbor Beans.  I can contemplate the meaning of democracy.  I  can give away piles of produce.  I can write and read poetry.  I can wait in the rampant foliage of tomatoes for those little grey birds to show up for a photo shoot.  I can bring figs to the dogs.  I can ride my bike into town.  I can fill my mind with possibility, with good, with opportunity.  I can take this full mind into my work, my art, my love, my life.

O yes.



Sorrow said...

now there is a garden
of earthly delights
can i sit and feast?
I'd rather get the dirt on your composting methods than read another
mud sling
and listen to birdsong
over rhetoric
any blessed day.
and sweet...

Peter said...

Hi - thought I would let you know I have nominated you to continue this meme - "the tree of happiness"
just list six things that make you happy and link back to me and nominate someone to be next.


ps I like the "followers" thingy at the top - I 've just added myself.

Bimbimbie said...

What a great world it would be if we could simply pluck a politician and bury deep within the compost heap*!*

Annie said...

Good morning! I found you at Bimbimie after I enjoyed her trio of Pinks. I love you garden and the expession you used here of your garden collapsing into Fall.

Nessa said...

Ohhhhhh, you have pomegranates! I am envious. I think that if I were a fruit that's what I'd be, I am so drawn to all things pomegranate.

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