Monday, September 8, 2008

perfection evolves

This photo was kind of an accident, and look at the perfection!
"If you're like most artists we know, you're probably accustomed to watching your work unfold smoothly enough for long stretches of time, until one day---for no immediately apparent reason---it doesn't.  ...artists commonly treat each recurring instance as somber evidence of their own personal failure."   D. Bayles & T. Orland from "Art & Fear."

When I begin a quilt, do I begin with cutting out 3 million tiny little triangles?  No.  Often the beginning is in staring at a small red bump on the backside of an oak leaf.  That particular hue will follow me, dog me, until one day I am messing up my tall stack of fabric, and a red one will pop out at me.  "Oh," I muse, "maybe I will use that..."  

The sunflower, which can grow to 16' tall, and produce many hundreds of seeds, lined up in concentric circles, fringed with perfect yellow petals, begins as one seed.  Does it wonder if it will ever attain such heights?

My panels await globs of color.  Eventually I will be there, painting.

Meanwhile, come see my artwork at this website... and while you are there, submit a short story about a dog you know!    Dogs: Wet & Dry - Home



Sorrow said...

good evening Larabee,
My sunflowers are a memory these days, as the drought and the song birds have carried them away. I have only stiff brown stalks...
Thanks you for your visit, It's always a blessing to be in the company of art/heart minded folks..

Mrs.French said...

oh my...I really love this photo.

Bimbimbie said...

Aren't sunflowers amazing all those seeds packed in amongst those yellow petals just waiting for the birds to help themselves *!*

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