Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I Love

I am enrolled in a poetry class which meets on Friday morning.  I put off reading my assignment until this morning, so I am drinking coffee (see above!) and reading like a maniac, which I love to do.  Why do I put stuff off?  So I can go real fast!

I might add to this post, if I ever get back home today.

Otherwise, have a French Press on me!



laughingwolf said...

hi, thx for dropping over and your kind comments

sorry, but i changed that post, the font was too big... hope you like what i put in its place...

btw, i'm a coffee hound, too ;) lol

Annie said...

I am DYING for some good coffee. I'm heading out the door in the next hour. Must, MUST get some coffee. Have a lovely weekend. Annie

Bimbimbie said...

Now I'm wondering if you made it home from your pottery class or Did you fall to pieces like in the Russell Edson poem *!*

Sack Of Devils said...

Mmmm, coffee. I've recently made the switch from tea back to the "nectar of the Gods". Really lovely collection of photos and words you have here. It feels like a well lived in home full of love and creativity.

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