Saturday, April 16, 2011

You'll Have a Blast

Often I load photos, and start the writing.  The images tend to lead, I type as quickly as possible to keep up the with flying ideas.  I talk in my head faster than I can type.  Often a day presents me with multiple gifts of insight, memories, inspiration, tears, laughter.  

Each of my three daughters has two children, and a blessing for which I am grateful on a daily basis is that I am able to see these Grandchildren often, and yesterday one spent most of the day with me.  This One's name is Annie, she is seven.

Yes.  She reminds me of her Mama.  Completely.  Even looks practically just like her.  Is it one of the perils of being Grandmother that I compare every little twinkle in the eye with one of my own children?  Or maybe, just maybe, it is one of the joys of being at this vantage point on the proverbial "hill."  

Leaves are popping out right and left.  If I stand and stare, I swear that I can see them unwrinkling, opening their little factories to the Spring sun, revving up their engines for the work at hand.  Do you know that this morning, while I was on the phone with my Cousin Up North that the Mockingbird was splashing in the fountain, the Oriole sipping at his feeder, 15 Hummers were zooming, a bright red pair of House Finches singing and nibbling seeds with various brightly feathered sparrows and a Blue Jay, not to mention a pair of sunbathing Quail and two Ring Necked Doves, were all in my front yard?  They were, all at the same time.

Annie and I buried a Robin, and she took over the grave decorating duties, with rather spectacular results, including a prayer written from A to Z.  Like I said, she really reminds me of her mother. 

Yes.  Totems appear when one allows children into their life.  Mystical.  Mysterious.  Powerful.  No, there is no explanation, nor scientific reasoning, or anything.  They just appear.

Yeah.  It's true.  C'mon over.


Elizabeth said...

That prayer is priceless. Tell Annie to write a prayer for me --

Anonymous said...

Your writing these days is so deeply GROUNDED. Maybe it's the earth-digging and totem-noticing that makes it so. Whatever it is, keep doing it! ;-)

N2 said...

The colors in that totem pot picture are wonder-full. Love the good G'ma day. Comin' over soon! x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

And I tend to leave the "totems" that my grandson places around the house right where they are- the cat and bear on the piano, the stick he uses to poke the dirt in the pots on the front porch...
He's only eighteen months so his totems are yet simple. But.
Aren't we lucky?

Merry ME said...

I read Annie's prayer before heading out to Palm Sunday services. Even if I don't attend church next week, I feel like the Easter message has touched my heart in the words of a young girl.

Please ask Annie, if I may use it in my blog.

Jendocino said...

May we never outgrow leaving totems.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Great post Nonie :)

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