Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Are DOING It!

We may all be familiar with waiting:  Wait for dinner.  Wait to grow up.  Wait for the rain to stop.  Wait for summer.  Wait for someone to be nice.  Wait for the economy to change.  Wait to retire.  Wait for a war to end (remember when it was the war?).  Wait for extra pounds to melt away.  Wait for... fill in the blank.

There is nothing wrong with waiting.  At times, one must work her way through a large chunk of living before she arrives at a certain place and time.  She may have children to raise, chickens to feed, dogs to run, grandchildren to pamper.

I wait, holding my breath, hiding in the drapes to catch the Oriole at the feeder.  It seems that all I get are hundreds more shots of the greedy little hummingpigs, which, while entertaining, are not the Oriole.  I have been guilty of waiting for a perfect poem, a masterpiece painting, even a certain moment to ask for some little thing, like a hug.  Like I said, there is nothing wrong with waiting, if you don't mind waiting longer for that which you desire.

Our friend Hafiz urges us to court the urge, the urge which pushes us towards perfection, expression, to Love and Life.  Yes, making the acquaintance of the desire to sing a painting, draw a poem, sew up a sentence, is the spirit behind the creative life.

A group of us have met for a couple of years, reading and studying and practicing The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron.  With the support of these dear friends, fellow artists, I have grown into my painting, making it part of my spiritual practice, my art practice, my practice of Being.  And from this group, four of us have taken a leap.  We are opening a Phantom Gallery!  There will be more posts, but for now here is a sneak preview... we have moved in, moved the art work in, and hung it.  Suffice to say, IT IS SO EXCITING!!!

Right now, the biggest deal is carving out the hours in my week to be at the Gallery.  I mentioned last week to a room full of people, "I have never changed careers.  I have only added another and another..." This is another change, and it is so good.

See that rascally little Oriole?  He sees my camera, and will not come to his feeder.  All day long he hangs out there, until I bring out the camera.  Then, he goes off to the highest Palm, or the Cottonwoods, or the Maple.  He chirrrrs, and chirps, and stays away.  I love him anyway.

Spring is here.  Dogwoods are unfurling.  We have patches of blue blue sky, occasional balmy days, the hawks and geese are making noise.  Life is full.  Oh, Yes.

Big Love,


N2 said...

Whaddaya playing Oriole with us here? A little less playing hard to get on your part and a little more pictures of the paintings, please!

Congratulations on moving onward and upward with the hanging and showing of your work! x0x0 N2

Merry ME said...

I gotta have more info!
This is so exciting!
I've heard great things about The Artist's Way. Wish I could discipline myself enough to get serious about something. The whole follow my heart thing. For now I guess I just have to listen to what my heart whispers and try to make sense of it.
I'm quite proud of and delighted for you.

Elizabeth said...

I adore this post. And congrats on the upcoming show. Wow.

Anonymous said...

As a very fortunate early visitor to the gallery today, I am humbled to see the work of these four artists in place. The gallery feels as though it has always been there, and the power of the art is fills the room. This is a very professional venture, well begun. You'll see when you stop in... The wait was worth it, Ms Laura!

Tj and Mark said...


loved the idea of courting the urge, I am going to have to ponder that some more.

Ms. Moon said...

THIS is amazing and good stuff. You are an inspiration. Thank-you.

Bimbimbie said...

Some things are well worth waiting for and I think that Oriole is waiting for the right moment to surprise you.

Congratulations to you and your friends. Long may you sing your paintings*!*

Jendocino said...

YAY!! Congratulations!!

Kim and Victoria said...

How exciting! Congrats.
I also love that oriole.

Annie said...

Your waiting list is very familiar, Laura. Even waiting for summer has a place in my memory though that would be long in my past. Now it's "Oh no! Summer! HEAT!" Yeah, I'm not crazy about heat.

After completing The Artist's Way a few years back, I purchased Walking in the World. I've just now taken it back out. The decluttering project is almost finished and it's time to start walking in my world full-time.

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