Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday

I have spoken of the frenetic goings on of these past weeks.  It continues.  I embrace this, and realize that stress arises, even when you're having tons of fun and excitement in life.  Does the Dogwood feel a similar tightening as it lets go into full-flowered brilliance?

This purple wonder is blooming on Sarah's fence.  She says it's three years old!  I say, what a marvel (having not noticed it for the past two years)!  She is busy too, sewing six Little Indian tunics for First Grade Performers.  Thank Goddess for sewing-stashes, Berninas and can-do-it Creativity! Oh yes, and coffee.

I have set up a blog for my artwork over at Word Press.  When I am more up-and-running I will do a post here with more information and a link!  Ha!  The Learning Curve has been steep, more like a cliff than a curve.  Word Press is not easy, though it has some very interesting possibilities.  I have registered my domain.  I am making myself snort and laugh with this vocabulary, I mean really.  Register that domain.  The simple truth is that if you do not, when you decide you really want to, or need it... ta-taaaaa!  It's gone.  Or better yet, it's for sale.  That's right.  Some one will SELL you your own self.  Capitalism at its finest: take the free out of freedom.

Sonoma County unfurls at this time of year into a colorful splendor of wave after wave of wildflowers.  These are the colors in my current painting series.  I am loving stopping to stare at the flamboyant combinations  Mother Goddess flings about the fields and roadsides.   The upcoming Wedding's (I know, I haven't done a post about this, either!) "colors"are orange and pink, maybe red, too?  Oooo.  It is all going to be so gorgeous.

Emerson is having his first Gallery Experience, right now.  He walked well from the car to here, only pulling badly once or twice.  He smelled everything inside, including the other Gallery Dog's (Phoenix & Peanut) food and water dishes, and bed, and did NOT pee on anything!  Whooo hoo!  We are making big progress, as the nut-Labbie grows up.  He is whining now and then, as I have him in his crate while I'm chatting with you, but he is doing a fabulous job of being a Good Dog!

When we were young, we called this "Rattlesnake Grass."  These flowers become seeds, and yes, they rattle in the wind even now so young and green:  Adding these soft hues with burgundy to my palette.

This weekend, starting tonight, must be one of the most busiest on record.  Major Events are piled on top of one another from one end of the area to the other.  How to manage?  Just jump in, I say.

Where ever you are, I am hoping that you are caught up in joy, laughter, and love.  Remember to share your beautiful smile.



Merry ME said...

I have enjoyed traveling from Marvelous Monday to Fabulous Friday with you. I hope you'll have some down time to enjoy Serene Sunday when the week wraps up.

We're getting closer and closer to finding a crate that will fit Miss Suzi Q. It seems like it might be locking the barn door after the cows are out. The vet tells me it is not jail, just time out! Our walks are getting better, but it is only a matter of time before she walks in front of me and I go crashing down on top of her. Either that she pulls my shoulder out of socket. We're learning but it's slow going. I wonder at times, who's training who!

Wishing you the bliss that comes with so much natural color,

Elizabeth said...

I love that you surround yourself and us with flowers.

N2 said...

So nice to have a glimpse at the wildflowers in bloom. Makes me wonder which of the wildflower seeds I planted along the driveway came up... Can't wait to see them and you! x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

I am SO caught up in laughter and love right now. It's amazing.
Beautiful photos, as always.

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