Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of my kids is 26 today.  My First Son, fourth baby, born on a spring day.  He was quite the miracle, being born into a family of five already-there sisters.  Brave little fellow, no?  For quite a few years he was the most fabulous, though now and then a rascally, pet.  We were all so amazed at how he was such a BOY!  And yes, being a seasoned mother of daughters, I am here to report that boy babies are much different than girl ones, and I don't just mean their gender.  This little man roared when he cried.  No.  My girls did not sound like that at all.  He stomped on bugs.  No.  The girls collected and cared for bugs, or threw things up in the air and took off in dramatic flight.

I spoke with him this morning.  Teased him about his rotten choice of MLB team; we always laugh when we talk.  He is hoping for a Berry Cobbler for his birthday, but he is out of luck, since I have quit baking altogether (and lost 28+lbs!).  Wow.  It is just hard to believe that he is 26.  Kind of mind-boggling, if you don't mind my saying so.

Having a typical spring day, with a burst now and then, of sunshine, then dark and blustery with rain, and in it all is the startling beauty of flowers, vineyards, the mountain ranges wearing shadows and new leaves.  A vision of heaven on Earth.

Happy Birthday, Seth Owen!  You are a Love, and so loved.


Merry ME said...

Happy Birthday Sth's Mom!

I love dogwoods. They make me think of my grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Your piece is a beautiful tribute to a beloved son--and, though you may not have intended it to be so, to his marvelous mother!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your Seth. And happy Birth Day to you, mother of six! Wow!

Bethany said...

gorgeous pics.
congrats on the weight loss, WOW!
no berry cobbler though, shucks.
i bet you make a mean one.
Happy Birthday to him and his mama.

N2 said...

Those dogwood blossoms look like ballerinas dancing. Lovely! And pink are not even my favorite color dogwood blossoms.

Happy B'Day to the Boy!
Hooray to his Mom! 28+ lbs!!
You must be ready for yoga =o))).

Keeses. N2

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. This is pure sweetness.
Happy birthday to him, to you.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

A lovely tribute to your son.

John said...

Seth you are true friend and miracle in my heart...even if you never answer your phone. I love you man.

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