Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday

I am working these days, with a sort of frenzy about me.  Must get this done, N.O.W.  "Get it while the getting is good," my Mother used to say.  Of course, she said this in reference to picking fruit at the exact right moment of ripeness, or a blossom at its perfection, or snatching a cookie right out from under your nose.

Spring is sprung here, in N. California.  Dogwoods are spackling the wild woods with bright white.  The Buckeye is all leafed-out, many already sending their flower spikes upward.  Little League is in full swing.  Orioles building nests, whistling while they weave.  Nature supports me in my hurry.

I've begun a new painting, well, I began it a few months ago, but it feels as though it is renewed in its development.  Yesterday it became pink.  A color I do not ever remember using as a serious color.  Let's not judge at this juncture.  Pink.  Anyways, I like pink.

A Self Portrait.

A few nights ago the rain doused all the rosey blooms with clear pearls.

Morning light sparkling, reminding me of my affinity for spirals.  Mother Nature loves Spirals.
I love you.


Ms. Moon said...

Do you know that Dixie Chicks song where they sing "I'll bring you pearls of water from my hips and all the love that's in my lips"? This made me think about that. One of my favorite songs.

Anonymous said...

This is a stunning blog entry, Ms Laura--pictures, painting, and words. Love your blog--and you.

Merry ME said...

Love every picture!
Sometimes I get to feeling "pink" myself. It's a happy color.

Of course I had to go check out the Dixie Chicks video. Funny that's the 2nd or 3rd reference to those girls in the last couple of days. Wonder what's up with that!

I can't believe I lived in CA for 15 years and never spent any time in your neck of the woods. I think I might never have wanted to leave.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous writing and art -- what a wonderful post. I happen to love pink -- in all its shades and nuances. Have you ever seen the spiral video -- it's a science video or something that depicts symmetry -- well, I'll have to see if I can find the link for you --

N2 said...

Yes, Mahh-velous writing, painting and pictures from your Monday, LC. I think you fell into the Pink from the rose side of the spectrum. May your painting continue to fill your heart with rosy pink! x0x0 N2

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