Friday, August 20, 2010


Just unfurling today, such a pretty face.  

These Glories are my miracle for today.

Feeling a little discombobulated:  thinking(stop that) that I should branch out and photograph something more ...  more something.  I mean, this must be getting old hat, or boring, or less exciting, than, than what?  If this apple tree could talk, would she say that it's boring standing in the orchard, day after day, week after week after year after year?  "Damn worms, you're back this year?  Didn't get your belly full last August?"

A Sunflower a Day keeps the insanity at bay.

If all goes well.
Which it does.


Annie said...

Hi Laura, So lovely. The Morning Glory has to be a fav. True, it is to stick with what works but it doesn't hurt to stretch once in a while. You can always go back to what you love best.

cmarckx said...

how could anyone possibly be bored with that striped morning glory (you did notice it's name?) around you. just rejoice in the glory of it all

Jendocino said...

I adore the title of this post! I often think that bumble bees should be called mumble bees, hee. And I agree with the other comments concerning the breathtaking quality of that variegated blue morning glory. What an unbelievable visual treat. As were the rest of the photos - and your lovely sentiments, too. Thank you!

LindyLouMac said...

I for one will never get bored with posts like these! I do understand what you are saying as I am concerned that my readers at the moment might be feeling 'Oh no not another Festa'

Tj and Mark said...

Your photos are lovely, but I had to chuckle because I often think along the same lines. Then I will meet someone who likes our blog and they will comment on how they love the photography! So we just keep shooting what pleases our eyes.

N2 said...

"A Sunflower a Day keeps the insanity at bay."
What a great LC twist on the apple saying.
Just what we need for these crazy modern times.
Love you, LC. Keeses, N2

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