Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This morning I discover yet another variation to Glorify Morning.  As I kneel to focus the camera, bzzzzzzzzzz!  Bumble buzzes in and goes to work, completely ignoring me.  His hunched little black body really reminds me of Emerson.

We are getting there, my camera and I.  I cannot get enough of the blue-on-blue of a sunny summer morning.  Right now this is my dessert.

A trio of lovelies.  This is how God shows me perfection, as I could never dream this up by myself.

There is a tangle in my heart.  It is a good thing, of course.  Tendrils.  Opening blossoms.  Open-faced and cheerful.  Petals.  Color.  Seeds maturing.  Seeds for next year.  Seeds for the birds, right now.
A tangle.  

I love you.


Merry ME said...


Ms. Moon said...

You are an amazing photographer.

Tj and Mark said...

Beautiful photos and words. What kind of camera do you use, may I ask?

N2 said...

Morning, Glory! Beauty is in the eye of you, the Bee Hold Her. Thanks for this capture and transmitting to us. Love you! N2

LindyLouMac said...

Glorious photographs. I would also be interested to know what sort of camera you use.

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