Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beginning celebrations

All promises swell within the pomegranate.  Mmmmmm.  All those red, juicy seeds are busy becoming.  School started for my grandkidlets this morning.  In conversation with daughter Sarah, I realised that starting school mid-August seems unfair to Mama's and children.  Of course, most of what I have known, or thought that I knew, or even got used to over time, seems to not apply today.  Annie couldn't hardly wait for First Grade to get going.  Kai, on the other hand, is accusing his mother of child abuse and abandonment, and threatening to have her put on house-arrest should she go through with this First Grade Thing.  Last night his Mom, (my Elisabeth) said that to Kai, "First Grade is like the F-word!"

I for one, have always loved the beginning of classes.  I love the supplies!  Sharp pencils, new crayons, new crisp notebooks, new books, oh the list can go on and on.  I do love new.

This morning I found new blue.  Up until now all the Glories have been the deep purple of Grandpa Ott.  Today, newly unfolded and the size of a saucer, was this beauty.  Up high above my head is a blue striped one, but to photograph it I am going to have to move the ladder, and I don't feel up to that right now.  Maybe later.

Yes.  I have to show you another Butternut Squash.  Oh.  Yum.  Isn't it beautiful?  Truth be known:  I am loving this cool summer.  It is so easy to take walks, to work in the garden, to go to "work."  It is pleasant to not be roasting, or sweating, or gasping from a wall of heat outside the door.  Now.  We are experiencing a mild summer.  Parts of the country are experiencing hardship from drought and dire temperatures.  The monsoons in Pakistan have released 10 times the 'normal' rainfall.  Millions and millions of people are suffering.

Today one of my assignments is to start a new notebook, it goes with my new plan (which is really the ongoing Plan of the Universe as regards LC).  Daily I am to record miracles that I notice.

My grandchildren, marching, skipping, smiling, crying, dragging off to school are each and every one; a miracle.  My sister is a miracle.  My assignment is a miracle (as is me doing it!).  My daughters and sons are miracles.  Of course, my husband is a miracle, too.  Oh, Emerson and Luna are miracles.

I took a long walk this morning.  By myself.  I am a talkative kind of person, and walking can be a solace, peaceful and beautiful as I make my way through the vineyards and the river banks.  Today I needed to have a long talk with myself, and I did.  I needed to speak out-loud with God, with the Goddess.  I needed to claim my spiritual life, my own epiphanies, my own Miracle.  Wow.  Perhaps I should patent this method!  Guaranteed Miracles.   Over two miles melted under my Keens, and I covered several large subjects, out loud.  At one point (yes, I was in animated conversation with myself) I realized that I was passing right through a group of workers who were taking a break from the vineyard.  I realized that they were all staring at me, some with shall we say, an amazed look (do you think they saw the miracles?).  Well.  I just kept going.  Those who know me too well, know that it is a major miracle that I did not scream and jump sky-high, being startled by the fact that there are other people on the face of the Earth besides me.

I pretended that I was talking on a cell phone which was hidden in my pocket and which had a wireless connection to whatever.  I mean, whoever.  I was talking to God.  Who cares if I had a phone or not?

So.  That was my miracle today.  All is well.

I love you.


Elizabeth said...

Fantabulous post! Thank you for sharing your miracles -- they are infectious!

Tj and Mark said...

I love that you were talking out loud to God. I do that too on my meanderings. I though don't have anyone who stops and notices. LOL. Well, maybe the cows. But they seem to know what it is all about. Lovely post.

LindyLouMac said...

What I find particularly fascinating is the photos you include all of which we have here as well.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I loved your post today...the photos and the message...

My Miracle today was reading your heartfelt words! :)


N2 said...

I am still laughing over the picture of you blabbing your way up to a group of field workers before noticing they were there and then pretending you had a hidden cell phone Mwa, wah, wah, wah =o)))

Especially bee-you-ti-full pictures today. x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Lovely. I see miracles every day and I pay attention and I celebrate them. You do too.
Aren't we the lucky ones?

Jendocino said...

I can't stop laughing! I disguise my conversations with myself via the "cellphone in the pocket" ruse CONSTANTLY! Works like a charm. I am amazed at your skills in composing your photos, Swallowtail. My composition is quite rigid compared to yours, and you've inspired me to be more spontaneous. Thank you!

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